Changing Associations

Changing Associations  Dynamic Women Talk Radio with Sandra Beck and Linda Kreter lead a global roundtable discussion sharing the opinions and perspectives on the topic of Changing Associations.

Changing Associations

Guests: ShaRon Jamison (ATL), Efrat Sopher (London), Lou Paget (LA), and Linda Franklin (NYC)

Guests ShaRon Jamison, Efrat Sopher, Lou Paget, and Linda Franklin join Sandra and Linda discussing Changing Associations. How do we make different choices with age and experience, leaving certain relationships behind, growing new ones, and does courage and humiliation direct your choices?

Appreciating vibrant, charismatic women everywhere!

“If a relationship is to evolve, it must go through a series of endings.” — Lisa Moriyama

Click here to download the show, or click below to listen live. Also available on iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher.  Air date: 19Dec2017.


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