Haunting Memories

Haunting Memories  Dynamic Women Talk Radio with Sandra Beck and Linda Kreter lead today’s round table discussion sharing the opinions and perspectives on the topic of Haunting Memories.

Haunting Memories

Guests: Cathy Kravfe (TX), Janet Demeter (LA), and Angela Breidenbach (MT)

Guests Cathy Kravfe, Janet Demeter, and Angela Breidenbach join Sandra and Linda to discuss Haunting Memories (those past ghosts in our histories,) that retain space in our lives or haunt over time with little resolution. Science shows we can intentionally forget some memories, but it’s difficult to forget those bright with emotion. How do we forgive our younger selves, and how do past ghosts help us view others differently? Self-awareness, grace, and reframing memories (creating “new rivers in our minds” — Angela Breidenbach) are the gifts of time, age, and wisdom.

“In memory, everything seems to happen to music.” — Tennessee Williams

Click here to download the show http://bit.ly/DW-HauntingMemories or click below to listen live. Also available on iTunes, Stitcher and other outlets.  Air date: 17Apr2018.


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