Over-Analyzing   Dynamic Women Talk Radio with Sandra Beck and Linda Kreter lead today’s round table discussion sharing the opinions and perspectives on the topic of Over-Analyzing.


Guests: Alex Okoroji (Nigeria), Jacqueline Lopez (LA), Claire Kerslake (AUS), Joyce Buford (TX), and Diaa’yah Cixx (LA)

Guests Alex Okoroji, Jacqueline Lopez, Claire Kerslake, Joyce Buford and Diaa’yah Cix, join Sandra and Linda for today’s truly global round table discussion on Over-Analyzing. Over-Analyzing, overthinking, and even obsessing is common (especially in women…). The result is often negative thinking spirals, creating fiction if allowed to run wildly. Why do we over-analyze, how can you stop the obsessing, and how do Dynamic Women manage it? Celebrating vibrant, charismatic women everywhere!

“Worrying is like sitting in a rocking chair. It gives you something to do but it doesn’t get you anywhere.” English proverb

Click here to download the show http://bit.ly/DW-OverAnalyzing, or click below to listen live. Also available on iTunes, Stitcher and other outlets.  Air date: 28Nov2017.

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