Qualms  Dynamic Women Talk Radio with Sandra Beck and Linda Kreter lead today’s round table discussion sharing the opinions and perspectives on the topic of Qualms.


Guests: Cynthia Rowland (OK), Kimberly Rinaldi (LA), Lou Paget (LA), Tosombra Kimes (MO), and Ali Katz (TX)

Guests Cynthia Rowland, Kimberly Rinaldi, Lou Paget, Tosombra Kimes, and Ali Katz join Sandra and Linda discuss personal qualms. Those moments of doubt that arise, how to master them, and why some situations still raise fluster today. Do women self-sabotage relationships, underestimate their abilities, and how do fears alter our responses?

“Thank you is a complete sentence.” ~ No known original attribution

Click here to download the show http://bit.ly/DW-Qualms, or click below to listen live. Also available on iTunes, Stitcher and other outlets.  Air date: 09Jan2018.

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