Emotion Commotion

Emotion Commotion  Dynamic Women Talk Radio with Sandra Beck and Linda Kreter lead a vigorous roundtable discussion sharing their opinions and perspectives on the topic of Emotion Commotion.

Emotion Commotion

Guests: Anne Tucker (SEA), Daai’yah Cixx (TX), and Kimberly Rinaldi (LA)

Guests Anne Tucker, Daai’yah Cixx , and Kimberly Rinaldi join Sandra and Linda for a compelling show on the concept of Drama. Is drama ever positive? Or, is drama usually connected to trauma with life stories to illustrate differing opinions.

How does age, experience, and maturity change your view on drama? Certainly there’s an element of schadenfreude – or “pleasure derived from another’s misfortune” in social media and news cycles daily – does human nature dislike perfection? Fascinating discussions about seeking our best or lesser selves in the choices we make – and how to set our personal boundaries.

“Drama does not just walk into your life. Either you create it, invite it, or associate with it.” – Brandi L. Bates

Click here to download the show http://bit.ly/DW-EmotionCommotion, or click below to listen live. Also available on iTunes, Stitcher and other outlets.  Air date: 16Jan2018.

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